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5 Cone Street
Hartford, CT 06105
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School Hours:

Monday - Friday 8:15am - 3:25pm

Early Release at Noon
2nd Wednesday of most months (dates below):
9/10, 10/8, 11/4, 12/10, 1/14, 2/17, 3/11, no April date, 5/13

Noah Webster MicroSociety Magnet School is situated in the heart of the West End and has had a reputation for high student achievement since its establishment at the turn of the century. Since that time Noah Webster has undergone several renovations, both physically and academically. We are now in our fifth year of supporting our community as an Interdistrict magnet school. As a Pre Kindergarten through Grade Eight School, our student population has doubled over the past four years, with a current enrollment of approximately 600 students. Our diverse student population gathers together daily from the West End neighborhood community, schools throughout Hartford and suburban districts that include: West Hartford, East Hartford, Bloomfield, Avon, Rocky Hill, Bristol, Granby, Windsor and Wethersfield.

Noah Webster is an actively participating school in the Powerful Practices for Reform and Change Cohort. Within this cohort, our school leadership team is being trained in the highly effective, research-based practices of Making Standards Work, Data Teams, Effective Teaching Strategies and Common Formative Assessments as presented and supported through We will also participate in the training and implementation of a School-wide Positive Behavior Support System. Training has taken place for our PBS Leadership Team over the course of the year and implementation with staff and students has begun. Our mantra is simple, yet undeniably powerful: Take care of yourself. Take care of each other. Take care of this place.

As a magnet school, we embrace our MicroSociety theme and pride ourselves in its integration of science and social studies into the curriculum, weaving it throughout our academic day. Our students are all employed in ventures that encourage them to be productive and responsible citizens within our learning community. We are an Ambassador School for MicroSociety for the Northeast Region. Our role is to showcase our theme to other educators who are considering become MicroSociety schools. Our Magnet Coach, Heather Zottola, supports our theme and our committed staff, our school boasts a newspaper, a Student Executive Board, Peacekeepers who monitor the hallways during passing times, along with a variety of museums, travel agencies and reading industries at every grade level.

Our Early Literacy focus for Kindergarten through Third Grade is that every student meets the advanced goal on the DRA 2 so that all students leaving third grade are at least in the proficient range as measured by the CMT. Our Early Literacy Facilitator, Robin Otis, also serves as a mentor to our in-house Haskins Early Literacy Facilitator who supports our early literacy teachers and students. We are utilizing technology in reading with the implementation of Success Maker, a program to enhance reading comprehension skills at each student's instructional level. In grades K through 2 we are using the Waterford program to increase fluency and phonemic awareness in our primary grades.

This year, we are implementing the Imagine It series in Grade Four through Grade Six due to the success of the program with our early literacy students. Our Literacy Facilitator, Holly Berkon, works with staff on a daily basis to ensure the success of implementation. We have dedicated a 90-minute Literacy Block for homogeneous literacy instruction on a daily basis, coupled with a 45-minute Workshop component in which small-group differentiated instruction takes place, best meeting the needs of each of our students. Our support staff and certified tutors are critical members of the literacy team, as they make small group instruction possible through the Workshop Model.

Our Curriculum Specialist Rich Skowronski provides in-class support, professional development and hands-on, interactive mathematical experiences for our teachers and students. He helps to coordinate the Aetna Volunteer program, and Math Parenting Tutoring Program, bringing in the community to support math activities and coaching for our students. The collection and analysis of data at Webster for both staff and students is also a mainstay support of our Math Facilitator.

We are committed to academic excellence, exemplified by high expectations and rigorous instruction. Our staff is passionate about learning, determined to help all students meet their maximum potential and relentless in the goal of every student being proficient in all subject areas. When you ask a student at Noah Webster what his or her reading level is, they will be able to tell you and if they are not currently on grade level, they will tell you what they need to do to get there. All successful people set goals, so we teach our students to set both short and long term goals, to develop an action plan with measurable and attainable steps, and provide them time to reflect on their progress and to make adjustments to achieve success. We empower our students to feel confident and motivated to do their personal best every day.