1. Student Voice & Choice - Students who have voice and choice as citizens, construct their own learning, challenge themselves and others and shape their school culture.
  1. Learning by Doing - People learn and transfer knowledge best when engaged in work that is meaningful to them.
  1. Entrepreneurial Spirit - The entrepreneurial spirit motivates dynamic learning and pursuit of new ideas, creativity and unique opportunities.
  1. Real World Experiences - Increasingly sophisticated, intellectual, economic, social and political experiences and a balance of intrinsic and extrinsic rewards continually engage and challenge students as their society matures and evolves into the visionary “Noah Webster MicroSociety”.
  1. Teachers as Facilitators - Teachers are facilitators of integrated learning, providing multiple opportunities for student success. Teacher shares responsibility that fosters student self-efficacy.
  1. Shared Responsibility and Authority - Opportunities for leadership, meaningful decision-making, and responsibility are vested, aligned, and accounted for at every level.
  1. Partners as Contributors - Parents and partners are essential and enthusiastic contributors to the learning community.

*MicroSociety: Bringing real life to learning.*